Univ. of Vigo

TAPD 2000

Vigo, Spain
September, 19-21, 2000

TAPD 2000

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    Vigo, Spain
    September, 19-21, 2000
    Organized by University of Vigo
    with the support of Caixa Vigo e Ourense & Logic Programing Associates & Xunta de Galicia


    Format Guidelines

    All TAPD2000 contributors are strongly recommended to use the style file, for the sake of uniformity of the TAPD2000 proceedings. LaTex style files tapd2000.sty and tapd2000.cls with the appropriate page size can be retrieved from the conference web site at tex/tapd2000.sty and tex/tapd2000.cls. An example file tapd2000.tex is also available at tex/tapd2000.tex.

    We strongly recommend papers with at most 12 pages. If authors consider they need more place in order to improve the comprehension of their paper, an additional page can be used, which is the hard limit.

    If laTeX is not available to you, please format you final paper taking as guide example the following sample paper (Compressed) or sample paper (Uncompressed).

    Papers on the Web

    We want to make available on the conference web server the camera-ready version of the papers. If you do not want that we do that for your paper, please let us know when you send us the camera-ready version.


    Please send the Latex source and a (compressed uuencoded) postscript file with the camera-ready version to the following address:

    TAPD 2000 Submit

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