SEPLN 2000

Univ. of Vigo Vigo, Spain
september, 26-28, 2000

SEPLN 2001


Topics and Objectives


Invited speakers

  • Daniel Tapias Merino
  • Christopher S. Butler
  • Eric de la Clergerie


  • Call For Papers
  • Format



  • Overview
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday


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    Revision Dates of these pages

  • XVI SEPLN Conference

    Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

    Universidade de Vigo, september, 26-28, 2000

    With the support of:

    Dpto. de Traducción, Lingüística e Teoría da Literatura
    Caixa Vigo e Ourense
    Xunta de Galicia
    Telefonica R&D
    Logic Programing Associates

    Following the XV SEPLN Conference that took place in Lleida in September 1999, the XVI SEPLN Conference shall be held in Vigo in September 2000. The event shall take place after TAPD 2000, which is a conference centered upon applications of tabulation technologies for syntactic analysis and deduction.

    The XVII Conference will take place in Jaén in September 2001.

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