SEPLN 2000

Univ. of Vigo Vigo, Spain
september, 26-28, 2000


Topics and Objectives


Invited speakers

  • Daniel Tapias Merino
  • Christopher S. Butler
  • Eric de la Clergerie


  • Call For Papers
  • Format



  • Overview
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  • Wednesday
  • Thursday


    Other information

  • Hotels
  • Turism

    Revision Dates of these pages

  • XVI SEPLN Conference

    Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

    Universidade de Vigo, september, 26-28, 2000

    Call For Papers


    Instructions for authors

    Final versions of the articles must be send before June 30 by email to

    Maximum length of articles is 8 pages in DIN A4 format (210 x 297 mm.), including references and figures. For demonstrations maximun length is 2 pages.

    The submition formats are Postscript or PDF.


    The following package is available for LaTeX users: sepln.sty.

    And, there is an example using this package: ejemplo.tex, as well as its result in postscript:, and PDF: ejemplo.pdf.

    Format description:

    • All margins set to 2,5 cm.
    • All headings in Times New Roman font, left aligned.
    • Section headings in 12 points Bold Italic Times.
    • Subsection headings in 12 points Bold Times.
    • Subsubsection headings in 11 points Bold Times.
    • Paragraph headings in 11 points Italic Times.
    • Pages are NOT numbered.
    • First page must include the following information in order:
      • The title, centered, in 16 points Bold Times.
      • The names of authors, their surface mail addresses and their email addr esses.
      • The abstract, in 11 points font, left and right aligned, with additiona l left and right margins of 0.32 cm.
      • The text of the article:
        • in two columns, with a column separation of 1 cm;
        • 11 points Times font, left and right aligned. The first line in all paragraphs must be indented 0.5 cm;
        • single-spaced lines;
        • without additional separation among paragraphs.

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