SEPLN 2000

Univ. of Vigo Vigo, Spain
september, 26-28, 2000


Topics and Objectives


Invited speakers

  • Daniel Tapias Merino
  • Christopher S. Butler
  • Eric de la Clergerie


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  • XVI SEPLN Conference

    Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

    Universidade de Vigo, september, 26-28, 2000


    The motivation for this Conference is to provide researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing a chance to present their recent work, to share their experimental results, and to discuss a range of problems which must be treated. Moreover, for researchers not directly involved within the field of Natural Language Processing, presentations shall offer the opportunity to realize the active state of the art research, together with present applications and possibilities offered by this field, with the recent advances which have been obtained.

    Also, an important objective of this Conference is to promote the exchange of ideas and opinions for future basic research directions and to contrast these ideas with the actual needs of the market. An important role shall be given to the most recent subjects such as the extraction and recuperation of information.


    1. Linguistic, mathematical and psycholinguistic models of language.
    2. Corpus linguistics.
    3. Extraction and Recuperation of Infomration.
    4. Formalisms and grammars for morphological and syntactic analysis.
    5. Lexicographic compution.
    6. Monolingual and multilingual textual generation.
    7. Machine translation.
    8. Speech synthesis and recognition.
    9. Semantics, pragmatics and discourse.

    Projects and demonstrations:

    The organizers encourage participants to give oral presentations of projects and demonstrations.

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